Army (@1.07) vs UTSA (@8.5)

Our Prediction:

Army will win

Army – UTSA Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 15:30

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Army vs UTSA Live Stream How To Watch Online College Football Game 2019 Week 3 Free Tv Coverage

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Army (9-2) vs. Navy (3-9) Game Preview

Granted, Southern Miss is going to be a strong team that could very well beat up on the Roadrunners, but at this point in the season teams will have found their playing identities. If the Roadrunner defense can force a turnover, UTSA can pull the upset. Im betting UTSAs offense can answer that of Southern Miss, leading to a game decided on a play or two. If Frank Harris matures at the rate we anticipate, he could already be an acclaimed quarterback in C-USA by the time this game rolls around. Adrian - I think UTSA has a chance to put it all together in this one.

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UTSA Games & Results

First conference game is a loss for the birds. Adrian - UNT has proven to be the class of C-USA West in recent years, and rightfully so with the job Head Coach Seth Littrell has done. UTSA should be able to hold their own in a respectable battle, but theyre going to need a lot more fine tuning before hanging with the Mean Green.

This will be a fun game with a little bit of back and forth, but ultimately the Roadrunners will run away with it. Adrian - UIW had a great season last year. They are well coached and thus will be well prepared, but the size and talent of UTSAs athletes should be far superior to what UIW can field. They boasted a co-conference championship and remained undefeated at home in San Antonio behind a high-powered offense.

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Watch Army vs UTSA Live Stream Week 3 is the seasons most significant game for many NCAA players. Although the results didnt mean much in the grand scheme of things, the first eight quarters of action permitted various players in distinct roles to obtain valuation. While the superstars are likely to spend most of the matchup on the bench, roster bubble players are going to fight for an opportunity to stay in the league.