Atlant Moscow Oblast (@2.25) vs Amurskie Tigry (@2.4)

Our Prediction:

Atlant Moscow Oblast will win

Atlant Moscow Oblast – Amurskie Tigry Match Prediction | 10-09-2019 12:00

And the Sakhalin Sharks are back! Now they return as an independent club (Admirals junior squad is and will remain Taifun Primorsky Krai), and will play in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsks 1000-seat Arena City Ice Complex. Sakhalinskie Akuly, from the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the far far-eastern island of Sakhalin, played in the MHL as the junior team of Admiral Vladivostok from 2014-16, although they missed the playoffs in both those seasons. These are nice days for hockey on the island; earlier this year, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsks professional team, PSK Sakhalin, won the Asia League title for the first time ever.

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Amur finished 21st, out of playoffs again, this time again with 60 points and only 12 wins in regular time (plus three in overtime and six in the shootouts). The defence was not as solid as the previous season, with Turkovsky retired and Kostyuchenok traded to HC Spartak Moscow after 14 games. Oleg Belkin had to miss the whole season, while Peter Nylander left the team after ten game to go back in Sweden, joining Timr IK of the Elitserien. Things barely improved in 2009-10. Despite a disappointing season, Khabarovsk still had the 4th highest average attendance in the league, with an average of 7,100 fans per game. All in all, it's only 129 goals that the team scored, 18 better than the previous season, but still fourth worst in the league. The result was 187 goals against, 29 more than the previous season. Former Montreal Canadiens' and Columbus Blue Jackets' David Ling did the best in offense with 32 points, while Alexei Kopeikin and Ruslan Khasanshin were the best goal scorers with respectively 16 and 14 goals. Former NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner Nolan Pratt ended up being the fourth defenceman on the team in icetime and finished the season with 11 points and a -14 +/- rating.

2019-20 Schedules Released for the MHL andVHL

In 2008, Khabarovsk was one of the 24 founding members of the Kontinental Hockey League. Murley's signing didn't prove beneficial for Amur though, as he only contributed 8 points to a fairly impotent offence that scored only 111 goals. They lost, 4-2 to the Latvian team. Amur's defence was better, with regular defencemen Vasily Turkovsky and Viktor Kostyuchenok even managing to finish the season with a +3 and +2 record, respectively. But overall, the season was disappointing for the Tigers, with a 20th place, 15 wins and 60 points. But the 2008-09 didn't prove to be very successful for the Tigers. The Tigers needed to strengthen their squad, and therefore offered a contract to Carolina Hurricanes's Matt Murley, which resulted in a controversy sometimes compared to Alexander Radulov's, even though there are many differences. The team was plagued with injuries - in October only, 11 players were side-lined, including imports Kyle Wanvig and Bryce Lampman. Riga and the Tigers were playing back-to-back games in Khabarovsk, however, and on the second match, Amur won 7-6 in a tied game that went to shootouts. Veterans Oleg Belkin and Peter Nylander were Amur's top goal scorers with 11 goals each; Belkin was top scorer with a meager 24 points in 50 games. The team played the league's inaugural game on September 2 against Dinamo Riga at home in front of a sell-out crowd of 7,100 people.

However, that name has changed, and Shougang Beijing will be officially known as KRS-Beijing. And we have a new and revised schedule for the Silk Road Cup, the regular-season championship of the VHL (Russias second-level mens professional league)! The two teams added after the first draft of the schedule came out were HK Rostov and a Chinese team that was originally named as Shougang Beijing. Yes, that will likely cause some confusion with the teams parent-club, Kunlun Red Star Beijing of the KHL; that hyphen or lack thereof will be important (KRS-ORG Beijing, Kunlun Red Stars former farm-club, is now an independent VHL team known simply as ORG Beijing). This has been an unusual summer in the VHL, which issued a schedule and a list of 2019-20 participants in early July, only to add two MORE teams just a couple of weeks later. Now, at last, we have what should be the final draft of the schedule (link is a PDF, in Russian), but there is one more change to let you know about.

In three years, Khimik was graduated to the top league of the Soviet Union. Three bronze medal results between 1965 and 1984 were capitulated in 1989 when the team achieved silver under prestigious head coach Vladimir Vasiliyev, a major accomplishment for a team from a small town. More impressive is how much successful homegrown talent has come out of the Khimik system, withs names including future Stanley Cup winners such as Igor Larionov and Valeri Kamensky. The old team traced its history back to 1953. Leading the team was playing-coach Nikolay Epshtein. Atlant was founded in 2005 when a team (Khimik) based in Voskresensk was relocated to Mytishchi. Immediate success allowed Khimik to play in the Championship of the Soviet Union.

Amur Khabarovsk was founded in 1966 as SKA Khabarovsk; it only adopted its current name in 1996, a name that comes from the nearby river Amur. By its location in the Russian Far East, the team is pretty isolated from every other team in the KHL, making rivalries difficult; the nearest KHL team is Admiral Vladivostok. Still, the team is very popular among Khabarovsk citizens, and despite its usual poor results, the team keeps being highly successful at the gates.

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Both HK Rostov and KRS-Beijing will slot into the West Conference, with the Chinese side in Division A and Rostov in Division B. The remainder of the 54-game regular season will be made up with games against teams in the clubs own division. The season format has actually not changed drastically from what I described in this post here. In the meantime, each team will play each other team in its own conference twice, and each team in the other conference EITHER once at home OR once away. That means that the West will have 18 teams and the East 16; well see if there is a realignment after this coming season. After the Silk Road Cup wraps up on the 18th of February, the top eight in each conference will make the Petrov Cup playoffs, with the division-winners seeded first and second in each conference as is standard.

Top eight in each conference make the playoffs. To further cut down on travel, the two road games against each opponent will be played back-to-back (this means of course that the two home games against each opponent will also be played back-to-back). As for the schedule itself, it will follow a fairly easy format, as each team faces each other team in its conference four times twice at home and twice away for a total of 64 games per club. There is no inter-conference play during the MHL regular season.

The re-named team is the former Atlanty Moscow Oblast, who will henceforth be SMO MHK Atlant Moscow Oblast. It has been a relatively quiet summer in the MHL, Russias top mens junior league. The newly-renamed junior team will continue to play out of the city Mytishchi, in Moscow Oblast. This brings the junior mens team into line with the other teams at the club, and Atlant of course was the name of the club when it played in the KHL (the KHL team folded in 20160. The MHL announced its 2019-20 schedule and team list today, and there are very few changes to the latter one team re-named, two moving, and one new club (sort of).