Canada (@1.25) vs New Zealand (@3.5)

Our Prediction:

Canada will win

Canada – New Zealand Match Prediction | 20-08-2019

To react, the Football Ferns moved to that side to block the pass and compress space. Two orange shirts against New Zealand right back CJ Bott, as circled below. The below image reflected the loopholes at the far side of New Zealands defensive approach. Therefore, the far side became fragile. If the ball could be released to the player on the far side, it would be a huge chance. There were three orange shirts positioning themselves at the right side. Six white shirts were moving towards that zone. An orange shirt was carrying the ball in the right half-spaces.

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New Zealand Team News, Updates and Facts

This time the Cameroon goalkeeper Annette Ngo Ndom came out and punched the ball. It was a dangerous zone and a goal-scoring chance if any white shirts were able to meet the cross. Again, Chapman has the ability to deliver the ball to that area. Therefore, the defenders should get themselves prepared for those long balls or crosses. Below is another example of the direct football of Canada Womens team. In the below scene, their left back Allysha Chapman recognized the space behind the defensive line again. In different situations, they would try to play directly over the defensive line if they have a chance. Also, there would be at least two players to attack the box in most cases.

Youngster Alphonso Davies has also not been called in. John Herdman is making his first set of call ups, and he has decided to go with a very experienced and strong group. Veterans David Edgar and Atiba Hutchinson have been called in, but a couple of notable big name players have been left out in the form of Junior Hoilett and Scott Arfield.

They simply are not quite good enough to compete with teams at the upper echelon, or at least close thereto. Expert Verdict: The above stat tells us just about everything that needs to be said about this current Kiwis side.

New Zealand

The Football Ferns were concentrated enough to prevent central penetration in most cases. I think the New Zealand defenders could have done better in terms of defending crosses. Therefore, it forced their opponents to create chances from both sides, especially by crossing. They let their opposition cross too many times in the game. Positioning and anticipations were also important as well. When defending crosses, if the defender focuses too much on the ball and forgets wheres the opposition, its more likely they will be unable to track the run said player.

And Stott, their left centre-back, was ball-watching. They shut down in an instant and just let their opposition score with a free header. The two images below are good examples of that. Both New Zealand central defenders Bott and Stott were dealing with the opposition alone. There was space behind the defensive line as the orange zone showed. Therefore, the cross would have probably hit that zone. The Netherland left-back Kika van Es attempted a cross as shown below. Furthermore, the goal could also be attributed to a similar error. As a result, she could not track the run and allowed the opposition to head the ball.

In the final third, that player usually became unmarked due to the defensive approach of New Zealand. If the attacking team have a lot of players at one of the sides, which created a strong side, then this would attract most of the Football Ferns to that area. In the first group match, the Netherlands used wide players to stretch the pitch. When the ball progressed to a deeper zone, the Football Ferns tended to step out early to stop the attack. If the ball could play to the player lurking at the far post, it would be a huge chance to score. They would also apply pressure at that area. As a result, the other side becomes the weak side. At the same time, their midfielders would also move to the ball to compress spaces.

Players to Watch

Chris Wood, their key striker, and center back Winston Reid are not included. Fritz Schmid has made some bold decisions with his roster here. Goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic is out of the team, so a new goalkeeper will be getting the nod for sure. He is looking to see who can be a part of the team in the future, so he has left out some key men as a result.