FK Velez Mostar (@1.95) vs Radnik Bijeljina (@4.0)

Our Prediction:

FK Velez Mostar will win

FK Velez Mostar – Radnik Bijeljina Match Prediction | 31-08-2019 11:00

In total, Sarajevo has three wins, one draw und zero losses after 4 season games. In the last game FK Sarajevo won 2:1 against Radnik Bijeljina. The team has had seven wins, two draws and one loss at their home stadium. Zero matches ended in a draw and zero matches are lost at home. In the current season 19/20, Sarajevo has managed to win 3 out of 3 home games (100%) so far. In the past 6 months, the home team was able to win 11 out of 18 matches.

This results in a total of 2,33 goals per game. Coach Husref Musemic's team tends to score in the second half time. Sarajevo currently achieves an average of 2,00 goals per game at home and receives 0,33 goals. Last season FK Sarajevo scored an average of 2,12 goals at home. The most common final score in their own stadium last season was 2:1, 3:0 or 1:0. At the same time, the team conceded 0,53 goals per home match. Home games usually ended 2:1, 4:0 or 2:0 in the previous season.

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A bet of 10 will result in a win of 19,30 (equals 9,30 profit). The highest odds for a home win are currently offered by 1xBet with 1.93. At present the betting providers favor a home win by FK Velez. The best odds for a bet on a victory at home foran away win for Radnik Bijeljina are so far 4.00 at betfair. In the past direct duels FK Velez won zero matches and one match was drawn, Radnik Bijeljina won one match.

When FK Velez plays away, there is an overall average of 0,50 scored goals per match. Igor Remetic's team scores 0,00 away goals per game this season, mainly in the first half time. In the current season, FK Velez' away matches have usually ended in 0:0, 0:1 or. Previous season's statistics show FK Velez scoring 0 goals per away match, while there were counted 0 goals against the team.

Radnik Bijeljina's most commonly played away 1:2, 0:3 or in the running season. In the last season, matches away most often ended 0:0, 1:1 or 1:2. 0,67 away goal scored the eleven of Mladen Zizovic on average this season, most of these were achieved in the second half time. When Radnik Bijeljina plays in front of foreign fans, there is an overall average of 3,00 scored goals per match. Previous season's statistics show Radnik Bijeljina scoring 0,71 goals per away match, while there were counted 0,94 goals against the team.

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On 24.08.2019, Sarajevo and FK Velez will cross swords in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The highest win for tips on home win beckons you at 1xBet, where the odds are 1.18. The referee will get the game underway at 18:00. At the moment the betting providers favor a home win by Sarajevo. If you bet 10 you get 11,80 back (profit = 1,80). Accordingly,the current 2nd of the table contests the 10th.

Sarajevo are going to welcome the away side of Velez Mostar here in this game of football in the top tier of Bosnia and Herzegovina tonight and I think going for the both teams to score in this one should be a superb pick to make. Odds are as they rarely are on offer at up to 3 by MeridianBet and I think going for the both teams to score in this one should be one of the best and smartest picks of the afternoon so I am on it without losing anymore time and I think you should be, too.

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FK Velez had one victory, zero draws and two losses in front of their home crowd. Overall, FK Velez has one victory, one draw und four losses after 6 season games. The hosts magaged to win 1 of their 6 games of the past 6 months in their favour. In the current season, FK Velez won 33.33% (1 out of 3) of the matches in their own stadium. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 2 times the guests took all points. In the last match FK Velez Mostar lost 2:1 against Sarajevo.

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