Louisiana Tech (@1.2) vs Bowling Green (@4.75)

Our Prediction:

Louisiana Tech will win

Louisiana Tech – Bowling Green Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 17:00

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The Bulldogs wont get blown out, but the Longhorns will be able to put it on cruise control after the first quarter. Texas will be a +3 in turnover margin, and itll capitalize and all the chances. Louisiana Tech wont have the offense to mount any sort of a charge if Texas can get out to an early 14-0 lead which it will.

While the superstars are likely to spend most of the matchup on the bench, roster bubble players are going to fight for an opportunity to stay in the league. Although the results didnt mean much in the grand scheme of things, the first eight quarters of action permitted various players in distinct roles to obtain valuation. Watch Louisiana Tech vs Bowling Green Live Stream Week 3 is the seasons most significant game for many NCAA players.

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