Massachusetts (@10.0) vs Charlotte (@1.05)

Our Prediction:

Charlotte will win

Massachusetts – Charlotte Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 18:00

UMass has an uncertain situation at the QB position as both Andrew Ford (62.8 Comp %; 2 TD; 3 INT; 121.5 passing yds/g) and Ross Comis (55.9 Comp %; 3 TD; 0 INT; 77.5 passing yds/g) have seen significant time behind center for the Minutemen. Defensively, UMass is allowing their opponents to average 41.8 ppg on 468.8 total yards per game (202.5 passing yds/g; 266.3 rushing yds/g). Leading the way for the UMass backfield has been Marquis Young who had 2 TDs on the season and is averaging 63.3 yds/g on 12.0 att/g. The UMass Minutemen lost their 3rd consecutive game and dropped to 1-3 on the season after being defeated by the FIU Golden Panthers, 63-24, this past Saturday. The leading receivers for the Minutemen have been Andy Isabella (5.8 rec/g; 91.3 yds/g; 3 TD), Brennon Dingle (2.8 rec/g; 36.3 yds/g; TD), and Jessie Britt (3.0 rec/g; 28.3 yds/g). UMass was outgained by FIU by a 536-423 margin and lost the turnover battle by a 3-2 margin. On the season, UMass is averaging 30.3 ppg on 408.5 total yards per game (245.0 passing yds/g; 163.5 rushing yds/g). Leading the way for the Minutemen was RB Marquis Young who had 83 rushing yards on 13 carries. UMass struggled defensively throughout the game and couldnt fight back after 21 unanswered points by the Golden Panthers gave FIU a 42-10 halftime lead.

Charlotte outgained Old Dominion by a 373-338 margin and won the turnover battle by a 2-1 margin. Defensively, Charlotte is allowing their opponents to average 26.7 ppg on 353.0 total yards per game (268.7 passing yds/g; 84.3 rushing yds/g). In a tight back and forth game, Charlotte was able to hold on late for the victory after they took a 28-18 lead with 8:45 left in regulation. Leading the way for the 49ers was QB Chris Reynolds who completed 23 of 34 passes for 202 yards and 2 TDs. Leading the backfield for the 49ers have been Benny LeMay (19.0 att/g; 87.7 yds/g; 2 TD) and Aaron McAllister (9.3 att/g; 43.7 yds/g; TD). Offensively, the 49ers have been led by QB Chris Reynolds who has completed 63.2% of his passes for 3 TD & 1 INT while averaging 192.3 passing yds/g. The leading receivers for Reynolds and Charlotte have been Victor Tucker (6.0 rec/g; 79.7 yds/g; 2 TD), Workpeh Kofa (4.3 rec/g; 49.7 yds/g), and Benny LeMay (2.7 rec/g; 40.7 yds/g). The Charlotte 49ers improved to 2-1 (1-0 C-USA) on the season after defeating the Old Dominion Monarchs, 28-25, this past Saturday. On the season, Charlotte is averaging 23.7 ppg on 354.7 total yards per game (192.3 passing yds/g; 162.3 rushing yds/g).

However, it was Orton who became the bigger star and Kingston now claims that Orton used his political clout behind the scenes to keep him out of the main event picture. Now after all these years, its Kingston that is the WWE champion and hes ready to prove that has earned that position and wont let Orton take it from him. This issues between these two go back to 2009 when the two of them feuded Kingston scoring the win.


But she could also appear after the match simply to show that shes back. Brian: The atmosphere should be electric with the Toronto crowd serving as the background in support of Nattie. Well, unless Ronda Rousey returns and costs her the title. As good of a story as it would be for the hometown audience, I dont see her winning the championship. Thats not too far-fetched as it feels like Rousey could return sooner rather than later.

Steven:A better than expected story between the two. Theres no reason for a title change here unless you want the moment of Natalya winning in Canada. The promos have made you want to see them go at it and the fact Summerslam is in Natalyas native Canada gives the match an extra added feel it wouldnt have anywhere else.

McMahon has done his best to keep Owens off TV but that hasnt stopped him from popping up and attacking Shane-o-Mac. Owens has not been shy about accusing McMahon of using to family name to put the spotlight on himself rather than other deserving superstars. Owens wanted to get his hands on McMahon so badly that he said he would quit WWE if he loses and that was too good to turn down.

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Brian: These two havent showed much in the way of chemistry on TV over the last few weeks. A lot of that is Stratus being nervous and a bit rusty when it comes to her promos. As much of a pleasing win as it might be for the Toronto fans, it would mean a lot more for Flair to get the win. The only thing that really matters is what she does in the ring.

But its still hard to get behind either guy when Ortons hardly been around, and Kingston is still throwing pancakes into the crowd. Steven:Theres been nothing wrong with how the program has gone in playing back to Kingston saying Orton held him back after their match over a decade ago. Kingston needs a blow away match to establish his title reign, and Orton is the right guy to have it with.

Flair has been on a quest to prove that she is the greatest female superstar of all-time. Of course, Stratus wouldnt back down especially for a big SummerSlam match in her hometown of Toronto. A win against WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus would help that claim and when Stratus was a guest on Jerry Lawlers Kings Court, Flair showed up to challenge her.

Rollins never really caught on as champion, and with Lesnar holding the title, the person he loses it too should be someone you want to make a star and Rollins is already at that point. The result should be different than what we saw back then. Steven:As we know, this match makes zero percent due to the fact they just wrestled each other four months ago at Wrestlemania. If they are given time, unlike when it opened Wrestlemania, then it could be pretty good but dont expect it to be. The build has been a carbon copy of what we saw at that time.

Players to Watch

Flair is on another level as a talent especially as a heel, and she will need her working boots on as Stratus has only had two matches in the last year. Steven:A shame this was made official only last week. Having a sustained program between two different generations of women wrestlers would have been a lot of fun to see. But it was done since Stratus resides in Toronto and will get a big reaction and the crowd behind her. Can only see Flair winning in a passing of the torch.

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