New York Rangers (@2.1) vs Ottawa Senators (@2.55)

Our Prediction:

New York Rangers will win

New York Rangers – Ottawa Senators Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 19:05

What do they have 4 coaches behind the bench and 1 in the sky ? Send ruff upstairs, make it 3&2 . They need to trim the roster some more ASAP like today or tomorrow. I hope he doesnt have the sophomore jinx after his green rookie season. I agree turn up the heat on the mighty Quinney. Rf73 well hes getting another day off today with his players so there goes that excuse as well as the fatigue fib .

Stevie/Vic - With his size, speed and talent, we ALL want CHYTL to show he can take and hold the 2nd C spot..So far, he hasnt even shown he should make the team, let alone the 2nd line..I've always mentioned STROME as possibly the best candidate for 2nd C based on his performance late last year but he has also been invisble this pre-season..there really are no other candidtaes as Howden and Anerssson are best sited for bottom six at this point..Truth be told, the best C has been the journeyman McKegg fighting for life for a job (making Nieves even more irrelevant than he was before IMWO)...I wish the others would be playing with that urgency.....Let's hope that BOTH CHYTL and STROME get their game in gear and at least give DQ nd the Ranger's options..We'll see over the next three games....

But if not, thatll give them the $1.1 million needed to shoehorn DEANGELO under the capwith about a half-mill to spare. HAJEK costs $835,000 and is waivers ineligible. Hospo - This May get a little overly convoluted, so pull up a cup of Joe.... His remaining $3.3 million would be dead space. Also, he makes $50,000 less and every penny Im assuming he and LEMIUEX(also waiver eligible) are on the team. Also assume KRAVTSOV makes it, based on what Ive seen thus far....and then of course, I take for granted all the other roster players make it and there are no surprises, like another waiver ineligible player like ANDERSSON or HOWDEN getting demoted...Sooooo...with all that said, the real competition in camp comes down to who is going to take the last spot on the left on D. If they decide SMITH is more valuable to the big club, they can demote both the rookies and slide into the season with around $300,000 in cap space...then they can use Hartford as a taxi squad in the event of injury so that they dont need to carry a seventh defender...OR...they can demote on paper a healthy scratch who isnt waiver eligible so they can call one up. The Rangers can save $1.1 million by demoting SMITH. Fat city. The only real time this becomes somewhat of an issue is when they travel out west in December, because obviously it then becomes a logistical issue to get someone from Hartford to wherever the team happens to be...ALL of this is simply kicking the can down the road, because the Rangers simply CANT ride that close with guys like KAKKO and FOX on the team, who I suspect have performance bonuses that will ultimately drove their cap hit up by at least a million if not more...and with the number of rookies in the lineup, theres a strong chance theyll need to clear AT LEAST $4 million in cap before the year is out...but I suspect thats an issue for the deadline, where they will have a much clearer idea where the team is at the moment and secondarily, whether it makes since to resign or trade KREIDER. First Im assuming McKEGG starts in Hartford and NIEVES in New York, namely because I think NIEVES is the better player...but also because of the two, I think he stands the greater chance of getting claimed on waivers. So he can be sent down and/or promoted as much as they want...ditto with the injured RYKOVE, who makes just south of $100,000 more...So unless SMITH plays his ass off, I would assume the Rangers will put him on waivers in the spotted and highly unlikely hope that he gets claimed...if he does, BOOM!

From what I was able to see the best skaters were DeANGELO and ANDERSSON. Which is a great sign IMHO. Yes, it was great to see him driving the net and getting the "garbage" goal that he did. Blacked-out on the live broadcast again last night so I had to watch the spliced and diced version late last night. I know DQ likes him so it is entirely possible that he makes the team out of camp. Really sharp in both ends of the ice. HANK was excellent last night as well. Yes, he did have a few of his patented brain-fart turnovers. And he seemed to be playing a more physical game as if he realized that he had to do that to make the team. But the most impressive thing about that goal was that the entire play was started by ANDERSSON when he came in strong on the forecheck and forced the initial turnover. He is certainly in early season form. The game looked crappy, disjointed and sloppy but when it is spliced it makes it that much worse. I know a lot of folks are talking about the goal he scored. I'll keep my comments mild as it makes it hard to make any definitive statements when MSG is cutting 5 to 7 minutes out of each period on the replay. DeANGELO looked sharp last night. But he actually played a good game in his own end otherwise. I'll give a shout-out to SMITH as well. And if ANDERSSON plays the year like he played last night we are all going to be happy with what he brings to the team. That entire sequence is the blueprint for how he has to play every night.

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Nice backhand by ZBAD...awesome game from THe King...The rest? meh...Hard to tell much from these pre-season games...alot will come down to camp and practice for the guys fighting for the jobs...Probably in the minorty, but all along I havent seen much from Krapshot but that might be even more than what Chytl has shown..Maybe it comes down to one or the other being sent down to start the season???.....Can see McKeg as an extra forward...Also thougt Smith looked pretty good if that's the 7th D-man the Rangers want to start the season with...Hajek still hasnt showm me much all pre-season and prefer LINDGEN so far..but depedns on what the coaches think they need..

Scott Sabourin scored in his first game in the NHL for Ottawa, while Bobby Ryan and Brady Tkachuk each scored one goal in the loss. Ottawa lost its opening game of the season 5-3 to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday. Craig Anderson stopped 37 shots in net for the Senators. Smith lost his debut as a coach in the NHL. D.J.

I guess we'll see how DQ handles it this season. The only way we'll get to know what we have in a goalie (any goalie) is to get him enough starts. Which also means giving Hank less starts. VIC... The plan with Georgiev from day one was to send him down to the AHL during the season in order to get him enough starts. I think you are mis-remembering last season.

But of course, now they lied piper hs down seeds of distaste with his legions of Koolaid drinking even bough DeA is now the lowest-paid high scoring defenseman in the league, there will be clown followers who hate on this guy... Oh is it that you were WRONG AGAIN...sweet lord, I just dont even understand how this clown has a job. OH look! Guess that gap between the Rangers and DeANGELO wasnt that big after all, eh, Brooksie? Wait what happened? Wasnt there supposed to be a protracted holdout?!?

A pair of close friends had double mastectomies and now whenever they're feeling a little under the weather, they're worried it could be cancer coming back...I hear and see stories EVERY FUCKING DAY about a kid undergoing horrific treatments that literally suck the life from them...there isn't a person I know who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way, shape, or form...and yet somehow finding a cure isn't a national priority. Pal17 - Sorry to hear man. They basically told my dad he could either do this experiment or take chemo until he dies. And fortunately, this one seems to be working...So good luck man, stay strong and if you're feeling weak, remember there are folks like me out there pulling for you. Every one of us that beats this scourge is a scoring a victory for mankind. We can put a probe on the surface of Mars. Gonna flirt with a non-hockey quasi-political post here...three generations of men in my family have died from C before 75, now a fourth has it and is undergoing an experimental treatment for cancer...I'm likely the fifth, which is profound to think that my life on this planet has a quite defined end date...a close friend's wife died of cancer in her early 30s. Yet our collective knowledge can't solve this disease...It's personally maddening...But I suppose in the same breath, I'm glad there are people trying. I remember you telling the story about how beer league hockey indirectly saved you. Another close friend had his fucking six-year-old daughter succumb to a brain tumor at the tended age of seven. We can wipe cities off the face of the map.

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On MORROW - I've wanted the Rangers to bring in a responsible vet d-man for months and months so I guess I should take whatever the Rangers give me even if i wanted something alot better! Seems like this year's Claesson, nothing more.....As for SMith, though he could do the job, I cant see the Rangers keeping him around at , what, 4 mill per to be a 4th line/black ace wing and insurance D-man....Will he be joining Belesky soon?

Can someome please tell me who they passed on at the time (or should have selected as the "next best choice up") who was a better and obvious choice? My (mis?)understnading is that his draft year was a weak one and he might have been a good choice there depending on who else might have been available at that spot. Just asking....I know Andersson gets a lot of criticism here along with his pick at #7. Thanks!