San Diego State (@1.1) vs New Mexico State (@7.0)

Our Prediction:

San Diego State will win

San Diego State – New Mexico State Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 20:00

The Aztecs are 149th in country in forcing turnovers with 13.4 per game. They are 202nd in the NCAA in rebounding with 35.5 boards per game, and 76th in assists per contest with 15.3. They shoot 38% from 3-point range, which is good for 54th in the nation. The Aztecs surrender 69.9 points per contest, which ranks them 142nd in D-1. They rank 154th with 12.8 assists allowed per contest and 103rd with 33.6 rebounds surrendered per game. The Aztecs are 241st in turnovers per game with 12.7. They are 169th in Division 1 in shooting at 45%, while their average scoring margin is 4.8. Their defense allows a 42% shooting percentage and a 32% average from 3-point range, ranking them 98th and 106th in those defensive statistics. San Diego State is 161st in the country with 74.8 points per game this year.

While he might not be able to match his performance against Nevada, Rashaad Penny should have another huge game this week against New Mexico. The Lobos have given up 93 points combined over their last two games. San Diego State has a balanced offense and will be extremely hungry to hit the 10-win mark in their final game of the regular season. The Aztecs should be able to cover the 20 point spread, especially since they are also playing at home. The Lobos are only playing for pride at this point and I dont expect this game to be even close.

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The Lobos are one of the sadder stories of 2017, since the program has shown such promise under Bob Davie over the past couple of seasons. When New Mexico whipped Tulsa and Air Force to go to 3-2, it seemed like a winning campaign was at hand. Our policy is to avoid politics at BetFirmuntil they interfere with a readers gamble.

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In terms of pace they are 224th in Division 1 with 69.5 possessions per 40 minutes, and their effective field goal percentage of 52% is 145th. San Diego State is 206th in college basketball in turnovers, as they turn the ball over an average of 16 times per 100 possessions. As a team they are 105th in D-1 in true shooting percentage with 56% and they shoot 3-pointers on 39% of their shots, ranking 149th in the nation. The Aztecs are 109th in the country in offensive rating with 107.6.

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NMU has now lost 6 games in a row and is out of bowl contention. But before game 6 against Fresno State, Davie made a curious fence-straddling statementwhen responding to a flag-kneeling protest by one of his student-athletes. Whichever side the head coach was going to take, he needed to take one. The resulting media uproar caused chaos in the program, and the Lobos blew any chance at making noise in the Mountain West by losing to Wyoming and Colorado State.