Sendai (@2.1) vs Matsumoto (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Sendai will win

Sendai – Matsumoto Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

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However, to argue, for example, on whether the revenue should come from direct tax or indirect tax maybe just some small technicalities. PS: Tax burden will naturally be one of the major issues in this BI debate. If in case such deviations are observed frequently in local tournaments during the summer or fall season, definitions to restrict the finance issue may be added in the future. This focus on technicalities may be a not-so-welcome deviation from the supposed core issues of the BI debate.

Neither side has to prove all universities should start from September or April without exception. Debaters should assume that these exceptional schools exist whichever side you are debating. So there are exceptions (like ICU, Keio) that already have fall entrance system, or some with both spring and fall entrance, but the general trend of the academic year is from April. Actually even today, the law allows each university to decide the start of the academic year.

Protesting against the decision is strictly disallowed at all times. If the team do protest excessively the team may be penalized, possibly losing the chance at qualifying for the finals, getting the best debaters award, or attending future tournaments. The decision of the judges for the game is final. Each judge may never change her/his decision after submitting the Judge Sheet to the Judging Committee.

Devo (Stand: Ebony Devil)

In such case, debaters must make the graphs and tables large enough for all the judges, opponents, and the audience to see. However, supplementary usage of visual information, e.g. This tournament, in principle, requires the debaters to convey their arguments orally, explaining everything by word of mouth. to show evidence in the form of easy to understand graphs or tables, is allowed.

This is, so to say, an indirect attack, and will contribute to the final Summary speech, hence rather recommended. Moreover, such defense provides an effective comparison. It is permitted, for example, to refute like The importance of Disadvantages presented in the Constructive speech, outweighs that of the Advantages presented in the Affirmative Constructive speech, because this is not itself an attack to the importance of Advantages.

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However, to attack and turn only the importance of the Negative Disadvantage by arguments showing that the value mentioned is not bad, rather it is good is a valid attack (called Value Turn). *Arguments to counter a specific Negative Disadvantage mentioning Things mentioned will rather be better (Some time called link turn arguments) should have been presented in the Constructive Speech.

side should grant this assumption and focus on what will happen if they came. In this tournament, the Negative side should not argue or attack on whether 10 million immigrants will come to Japan or not. Please be careful to avoid arguments or expressions that are stereotypical or discriminative, when arguing like Accepting immigrants harms social security. 1. (Needless to say, it is allowed, to argue a Disadvantage that the efforts to cope with the declining birthrate or to promote employment of women and senior workers may be harmed by the effect of accepting the immigrants.)3. 2. For example, it is not allowed to propose a plan to increase birthrate, or to promote employment of women and senior workers. The Neg. The Negative side cannot propose an alternative (counter) plan that changes the present situation.

Matsumoto Yamaga vs Vegalta Sendai Prediction & Betting Tips

Now, exceptionally for humane reasons, some local autonomies provide livelihood assistance to alien denizens living in poverty. The BI provides income basically only to the Japanese nation. Such assistance should be assumed as being continued. The affirmative side can define whether the minors should receive the same amount as the adults, but other restrictions toward the payments should not be argued (such as, BI should not be provided to the rich).

Thus it is not allowed for the Negative side to argue that the shift to September academic year will harm the freedom or self governance of Universities. It should be assumed that the September academic year situation will happen as a result of the aggregate free future choices of each university. This topic does not assume any coercing action of the government.

A good AFF summary may present a value criterion insisting that their plan can meet the necessary civil minimum concerning math ability, and the value of such necessary ability outweighs the vague individuality value. Recollect the latter stage speeches (summary) of the debaters. In that case, a judge should compare the ADs and the DAs rationally, using ones own value judgments. (For example, AFF insisted that each child should have enough math ability but NEG argued that childrens individuality should have priority. Such comparison should be done by the debaters themselves. If the NEG can not present a counter-criterion, a judge should decide in favor of the AFF). If a team has explained the value criteria for deciding whether the ADs outweigh the DAs, such debaters criteria should be used to determine the winner. Which is more important? In some debates, neither team is able to present such value criterion effectively. Try to avoid your own point of view coming in.