Suwon Bluewings (@3.5) vs Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i (@2.0)

Our Prediction:

Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i will win

Suwon Bluewings – Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i Match Prediction | 26-09-2019 06:30

They need to go out with attacking approach if they want to secure the place in the quarter-finals. They are the second placed team in K-League but seven points behind Jeonbuk Motors. Home side managed to break the winless streak which lasted for four games in all competitions with a victory in the domestic championship against Daegu. Seo Jung-Wons side snatched the top place in the group stage, but they were not very convincing.

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Looking at their preseason, Bluewings performances did not really turn many heads, however, their preseason can be described as a successful one. Despite that, Bluewings have a lot to prove this season after a disappointing 6th place finish in 2018. Suwon Bluewings, on the other side, are not really considered a team that does well in the opening matches of the season, as they historically struggled to get anything from the opening fixtures of the season. With the addition of some younger players and replacements of older ones, Suwon Bluewings look ready to tackle the new season.

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The visitors have a narrow 1-0 advantage from the first leg clash and they want to defend their lead in this one. On the other hand, their matches in this competition have been high scoring as Junior Negao and the lads produced 15 goals, but also allowed too many. They havent suffered a defeat in the last 12 games and although their clashes were not very efficient, they are placed in the top six of the domestic league.

While the match could have gone the complete opposite way, Ulsan looked like a team who is without any idea what to do with the ball, in addition, some bad luck, which saw Han Seung-kyu missing a chance early into the match did not do them any good either. Looking back at the finals of Cup match against Daegu, Ulsan were highly disappointing, as they lost 3:0 against a team who were considered an underdog. Going into this season, there is a lot of hype around Ulsan Hyundai, who have added some more firepower to their already potent attack, which scored 61 goals last season. Nonetheless, that is behind them and they need to focus on Fridays match, where they can not afford another mistake. With all eyes on the team and their manager Kim Do-hoon, Ulsan Hyundai need to perform up to par against Suwon Bluewings, who have had a disappointing finish of last season and will hope to improve on it this year.

Suwon Bluewings might have added some new faces, but with historically poor performance in the opening week and the fact that Suwon did not win a match at Munsu since 2014 this fixture does not look promising for them. Despite all the new additions, I do not believe Suwon will be a strong contender for the top spots in the league, as they dont seem to have enough quality in the team to upset top teams. Suwon Bluewings have prepared themselves to finish higher than last season with two of K2 league best players in 2018 in addition to Adam Taggart who arrived Australian team, Brisbane Roar. At Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium, Ulsan held a respectable 11-3-3 record with 30 goals scored and only 16 conceded, which was the 2nd best record in the league. I would be surprised if this match will not be won by the home side, who unlike Suwon are expected to finish top 3, maybe even reach for the 1st spot. Ulsan Hyundai on the other side have been exceptionally strong at home last season. In conclusion, I expect Ulsan Hyundai to not hold back and show the league their worth with a dominant performance, which should end up with more than just 1 goal margin. With high expectations for Uslan to finish high this season, they are expected to start off the season strong.